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3 Tips when applying for a design job

designportfolioAre you applying for design roles? Are you wondering why you are not getting a response from employers?

In my experience interviewing candidates and hearing from some candidates I noticed a simple difference between candidates who get a response vs who don’t. I’d like to share 3 simple tips that can help you move to the next step.


  1. Have a design portfolio
    Having a design portfolio is must. Employers want to see your portfolio before they want to talk to you. Can you imagine a photographer not having a photo gallery website display her work?
  2. Check that your portfolio website is working
    Did you notice that your portfolio website is down? Before you send your portfolio link to a prospective employer, please check to make sure it is working. Check it on all browsers and on your mobile too.
  3.  Share process, wireframes, etc. in your portfolio
    As a designer you should ace this. You are a champion of user-centric design, and it should apply to your portfolio too. Think who is landing on your portfolio and what they are hoping to see. Displaying 1 high fidelity screenshot for each of your project is not enough. For each project share the problem you are trying to solve, if not, try to share the process you took before you reach your final design. Share some flowcharts, wireframes and some high fidelity designs. You can mix it up, display wireframes for some projects and high fidelity design for some projects.

Hope this helps.

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